The Time Travel Transmissions broadcast bits of the universe of The Time Travel Agency

The Time Travel Agency operates under the cover of a speculative design research studio in the Nordics, the Americas, and online. We create participatory experiences that enable people to imagine the future differently. Our experimental tools challenge the imagination to speculate on optimistic futures, and then help people reach those futures.

We work to shatter the conventional images of the future that people use to plan, to feel secure, to be confident enough to believe in tomorrow. We build on the innate human capacity to imagine the future.

Plugging to these transmissions creates sparks. These transmissions are like clandestine plugs to the future.

The time travel agreements

Our studio is a laboratory, a dream.
The dreams are not perfect.
Our agreements help navigate this universe.
(The Optimistic Computer guides you and interrupts you)

If we must build, we build on each other. We think with our hands. In random we trust. We seek the questions. Prototype is not final. Narrative is not linear.

Our work is guided by logic and emotion, and by empathy and ethics.
Agreements can change ;)

What will happen if you subscribe to these transmissions?

Hopefully you’ll dream and use those dreams to feed your work. But our preferred answer is: we don’t know and we shouldn’t know.

We should only say that you can count on us being right here to help you dream.

Get in touch directly.

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Speculative design, futures literacy, artifacts, world-imagining, and the people and robots behind all this.


A speculative design studio in the Nordics, the Americas, and online. We design experimental methods, experiences, and tools to reach the future 🔮